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Unless we can stop it PEI Industrial Park will be the new home for the Flexible Foam Corporation®.

This company produces foam for commercial and residential uses. They first attempted to locate in Palmyra Township in Wayne County. The Residents of Wayne County were successful in stopping them. We can too with your help!

Flexible Foam will be storing 24,000 gallons of Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI), a highly combustible chemical, 1 mile from the Valley View Schools and 2 miles from Mid Valley Schools. TDI is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen, in other words: it causes cancer.

TDI accidents happen all too frequently. A foam company in San Antonio recently had a fire that forced 600 people from their homes, schools and businesses. Flames shot over 150 feet into the air, and deadly hydrogen cyanide was released into the air. The dense black smoke was seen for over 25 miles. The creeks and streams nearby were contaminated with polyurethane resin. Source: Associated Press

In Paso Robles, CA, a potentially deadly cloud mushroomed from a ruptured pipe. Over 600 people were evacuated. “There was a plume of chemical and steam. It is deadly if inhaled…” Prisoners at a nearby facility were locked inside buildings and the windows and doors sealed with duct tape. Source: Associated Press

In Eunice, LA over 3,000 people were evacuated from their homes for over 5 days when a railcar carrying TDI exploded. “It looked like those pictures of the atomic bomb, a mushroom cloud” Source: Associated Press

In Glenola, NC a foam factory was closed after residents complained of becoming ill. State Health Spokesperson said “ What you have got is a situation that because of the close proximity of the factory to the residents, you have a human lab experiment” Source: NC Chemical

Flexible foam corporations track record is alarming and includes numerous concerns:

Spencerville, Ohio Flexible Foam rates as the second worst pollution source in the county.
Elkhart, Indiana Ranked by the department of Health and Energy as one of the "Cancer Dirty Dozen" companies for toxic levels of carcinogenic emissions.
The EPA "Repeated exposure to TDI produces Cumulative decrease in lung function"

Flexible Foam Corp. says they will create 50-100 jobs in a three year period. The wages stated by Flexible foam Atty. Mustard will only be $8.50 to $9.00 per hour. Additionally, they will locate in a TIF zone which severely limits the company's tax liability to the community, the schools and the infrastructure of the borough.

Why did this process go on since at least May of 2002 without the residents being informed or asked for comment? The risks outweigh the only slight advantage... more low paying jobs.

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Updated 1/13/03

Donations are needed immediatly to pay for legal expenses. Please contribute whatever you can.

If you are interested in helping collect donations or hand out flyers please email us or call mike at 604-7356.

ARCHBALD COUNCIL MEETING - Wednesday, January 15th at 7:00 PM. Please try to attend.


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